In this tutorial, we have to know about the CodeIgniter framework vs CakePHP framework features comparison. CakePHP and CodeIgniter are most often used in PHP frameworks. Both frameworks are support MVC(Model, View and Controller) structure and use routing methods.

CodeIgniter Vs CakePHP Framework Features Comparison

In this post explains, how to implement CRUD operations in CakepPHP 2.x version. we are using Cakephp 2.9.3v. First download the cakephp 2.9.3v source files from Github here. Its useful for a beginner to start cakephp.
We aren’t implement jquery validations and datatable too. We use only default cakephp libraries to validate the user’s input with bootstrap 3. We use most of form fields and cover all possible cases to validate it.

See our demo video on Youtube:


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