Saturday, December 08 2018

Paypal Express Checkout Integration in PHP

In this article we have explained about How to integrate PayPal express checkout in PHP. PayPal Express Checkout payment gateway is the easiest way to integrate in PHP.  There are two ways to integrate PayPal checkout payment gateway, Client side and server side integrations.


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Saturday, September 29 2018

How to Integrate Paytm Payment Gateway in PHP

In this article we have explained about How to Integrate Paytm Payment Gateway in PHP.  Paytm payment gateway is a easy to integrate with PHP. In many peoples are using Paytm in India. Paytm is a famous for online transaction in India.

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Monday, September 10 2018

How to Connect Oracle Database in PHP

In this post we have explained about how to connect oracle database in PHP using XAMPP server. You need to use oci driver for oracle connection with PHP. There are two different ways to connect PHP and Oracle.


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Monday, August 13 2018

Bitcoin Exchange Rate Api PHP Script

In this post we have explained about how to get bitcoin exchange rate API PHP script. First of all, we have to know about What is a bitcoin.? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It is uses for digital transactions. It is a decentralized system without any third party mediator. Bitcoins workflow is based on BlockChain.



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Sunday, April 08 2018

How To Create Chatbot From Scratch Using DialogFlow

In this article we explains about how to develop a ChatBot From Scratch in web application using DialogFlow. Chatbot is a helpdesk for supporting customer queries and they respond immediately to the users queries with the relevant information. Chatbots are fast and accurate. It is not applicable for every business. For example pizza delivery, shoe shop, ice cream, and travel companies. Here we see steps for integrations are

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Tuesday, April 03 2018

Payumoney Payment Gateway Integration in PHP

How to implement payumoney payment gateway integration in php. PayUMoney is one of known payment gateway in India. It is a zero setup cost and easy to use in your applications. It support all the PHP frameworks as well as API too.
They have a clear documentation with developer guide. We can easily create a merchant account in PayU Money. Once you create and change the account from live to test mode. Then you got the test and live merchant keys. Copy those credentials. Go to developer documentation, they provide client side and server side scripts. You may use any one of that in your page. Download sample script of Payu Money Integration in PHP.

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Saturday, January 13 2018

Stripe Payment Gateway Integration in PHP Source Code

After long time back, we have posted an article for how to integrate stripe payment gateway in PHP source code.

It also a one of the payment gateway as like Paypal but its very easy to setup in our application.

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Sunday, October 29 2017

Event calendar database design using iCalendar in PHP and MYSQL

After long time we are publishing a new article about calendar events and multiple recurrence with mysql. So many free open source scripts are available for integrating calendar events. In this post explains how to integrate iCalendar event calendar script in PHP with MYSQL. Lets see database design things are

iCalendar recurrence event script

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Sunday, February 19 2017

how to change blogger native language

In this post we have explained about how to change blogger native language. Blogger has support to update or change the blog language with easy steps. Please do the following steps and implement to your blog.

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