In this post, we explained about How to start XAMPP automatically in Windows. If you want to auto start Apache and MySQL automatically in Windows 10, 8.1, and 7machines. Please do the below steps in your system. It might be helpful to launch the XAMPP in Windows.

How to Start XAMPP Automatically in Windows

Step 1: Open XAMPP in your system (C:\xampp)

Demonstration Video:

Step 2: Right click the xampp-control.exe file and Click Run as administrator.


Step 3: Click Yes to continue and Click Config button in the xampp control panel.


Step 4: Click the Autostart of modules and choose Apache, MySQL and Tomcat check boxes in the box.


Step 5: Go to the XAMPP folder in your system(C:\xampp)

Right click the xampp-control.exe file and Choose Create shortcut option in the box.


Step 6: Press Win+R and Open the Run dialog

Type shell:startup and Enter it.


Step 7: New file explorer window has been opened and You need to drag the xampp-control – Shortcut file from C:\xampp into new window.


These steps are useful to auto start the XAMPP Control Panel in Windows.


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