In this tutorial we explains about How to Add Web Push Notification to Your Site. Push notification allows you to send notification to users even they are not visiting your website. In WordPress many push notification plugins are available. Here we will see about how to send notification to desktop and mobile push notifications from your WordPress site.

How to Add Web Push Notification to Your Site

What is Push Notification

Push notification is helps to increase your website traffic. Normally clickable messages are displayed on your desktop and mobile device. When these message are shown that user browser is not open.

What is OneSignal Plugin

OneSignal is a popular push notification service provider for both web and mobile. This plugin is easy to install in WordPress site. First we have to create an account in OneSignal platform.

Create an App in OneSignal

Once you created account in OneSignal. Please do the following ways to create an application for connecting your WordPress site.

Step 1: Create an app or website in OneSignal.

Create an App in Onesignal

Step 2: To configure web push and choose integration mode

Choose Website Configuration Types

Step 3: We choose integration in WordPress Plugin > Select WordPress logo in the below

Choose Site Configuration is WordPress in Onesignal

Step 4: Copy the APP ID and API KEY

Configure web push

Step 5: Your Application is ready on OneSignal.

App Setup Completed in Onesignal

Step 6: Go to your WordPress site and Plugins > Add New

add onesignal plugin in wordpress

Step 7: After the installation Activate it and Open Configuration tab paste your APP ID and REST API Key i.e Step 4.

OneSignal plugin setup in WordPress

Step 8: WordPress Site > OneSignal Push (from left menu) > Click Configuration Tab

In this section following settings are available in this tab. So that you can easily customize the settings as our needs.

Account Settings

Sent Notification Settings

Prompt Settings & Subscription Bell

Subscription bell settings in OneSignal

Prompt Customization

Prompt Customization Settings in OneSignal

Welcome Notification Settings

Welcome Notification Settings

Automatic Notification Settings

Advanced Settings

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