In this article we explains about how to develop a ChatBot From Scratch in web application using DialogFlow. Chatbot is a helpdesk for supporting customer queries and they respond immediately to the users queries with the relevant information. Chatbots are fast and accurate. It is not applicable for every business. For example pizza delivery, shoe shop, ice cream, and travel companies. Here we see steps for integrations are

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Step 1:

Signup with DialogFlow



Step 2:

Once you logged, Dashboard page


Step 3:

Create an Agent. Agent name is defined your application name for example icecreambot.


Step 4:

Create an IntentsHere we can add training phrases and add responses for that.

First add Training Phrases is a collection of user expression. For example some one asking I’m hungry or hungry or i need ice cream we would add those sentences in Training Phrases. 

Add Responses for above user expression we have to reply that comments so we add custom responses for that.

Now we see the sample conversations.

User 1: Hello (Training Phrases)

> Good Morning (Add Responses)

User 1: I’m hungry (Training Phrases)

> What type of ice cream do you want (Add Responses)

User 2: Hungry (Training Phrases)

>What type of ice cream do you want (Add Responses)

User 3: I need ice cream (Training Phrases)

>What type of ice cream do you want (Add Responses)

Step 5:

Create an Entities. Entity is a represent your applications items for example your application is ice cream shop. In ice cream has many flavors are used. Those flavors are called entities. So you can add those flavors in Entities.


Step 6:

Final step Integrations. DialogFlow supports to allow using this bot in many platforms like facebook messager, twitter. You just enable the service from that list.



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