15 Most Important Ubuntu Commands

In this article we have explained about 15 Most Important Ubuntu Commands for beginners. Ubuntu is the fastest operating system in performance. In compared to windows is 1 percent of Ubuntu. Mostly developers are prefer work their development works in ubuntu.



Here explained some basic terminal commands are

sudo (Super User DO)

Ubuntu allows you to execute commands with administrative privileges like “Run as Administrator” in Windows.


It is used to install, update, upgrade and remove any package.

ls (List)

List of all files and folders in current working directory.

cd (Change Directory)

pwd (Print working directory)

It is display full path name of the current working directory

cp (Copy)

Ubuntu allows you to copy a file and you can specify that new file location path and existing file location path

mv (Move)

Ubuntu allows you to move files from one directory to another directory

rm (Remove)

rm command use to remove specific file or directory


It is use to make a directory in specific location


This command to show all your previous commands in the history limit

df (Display filesystem)

This command displays information about disk space usage details.

du (Directory usage) 

This command displays the size of a directory and sub directories.

chmod (Change Mode)

chown (Change Mode)


This command use to show a “manual page”.




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