Payumoney Payment Gateway Integration in PHP

How to implement payumoney payment gateway integration in php. PayUMoney is one of known payment gateway in India. It is a zero setup cost and easy to use in your applications. It support all the PHP frameworks as well as API too.
They have a clear documentation with developer guide. We can easily create a merchant account in PayU Money. Once you create and change the account from live to test mode. Then you got the test and live merchant keys. Copy those credentials. Go to developer documentation, they provide client side and server side scripts. You may use any one of that in your page. Download sample script of Payu Money Integration in PHP.

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Below the Lists of steps to start to integrating PayU Money in your applications.

Step 1:

Create a account in Payu Money click here

Step 2:

Activate your account. Once you logged change your account from LIVE MODE to TEST MODE

Step 3:

Get your test merchant account details.


Step 4:

Create a form.php and copy the below HTML code and paste it.

Step 5:

In form.php server side code and paste the code in above html code.

Step 6:

In success.php file and get response from PayU Money.

Step 7:

In failure.php file and get response from PayU Money.

Step 8:

Final step in success.php get the transaction id and other details are need to save into transaction_history table.

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